I was on my space voyage to the lover's dreamland,
My hopes were high; I was enjoying the thrilling emotional space walk,
Suddenly tethered cord of my love got cut,
I found myself floating in the darkness of the lonely universe.

I got lost amongst the stars in dark skies,
I got hung up like a trishenku star where no one could hear me cry,
Someone strangled my dreams and aspiration,
Promises of being friends forever stopped my heart beating for a while.

May be I was not the tall price charming,
May be I was not the right tribe or caste,
Why did you show me all the dreams of a happy space trip?
You should not have started any relationship.

I am sure you will find the prefect astronaut of your dreams,
But as a favor, please don't betray someone's budding ambitions,
You will be a real friend and a greatest platonic lover,
If you were honest and did not use a dagger.

by Jay P Narain

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I like the part where you describe the feeling of rejection as like finding oneself floating into the darkness of the lonely universe, lost among the stars in the dark skies, that no one could hear your cries. I felt a lump in my throat when I read those lines.