SF (April 22 / Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin)

Rejection And Hope

I've never asked you for help before, why react with so much hate?
I didn't know where to turn; I was scared, needed help for goodness sake.
If a stranger called you, would you have turned them away?
Family should help family, what else can I say.

I've never felt so alone, never felt such distaste.
Never felt that my life has been such a waste.
Never felt so rejected, like you just didn't care,
Don't you call us for help ever, don't you dare......

Those words echo and hurt like a twisting knife,
Words said from a person I’ve loved my whole life.
A person I looked up to, who I thought had it all,
A person I could count on-just give her a call.

We were homeless, no money, and you turned us away,
Slammed down the phone with only harsh words to say.
You didn't care what happened to us, if we had food to eat,
Just threw us away like an old bum on the street.

Asking for help was hard; rejection kills your soul,
Being knocked back hurts, your health takes its toll.
Yes, we made it, life is improving every day.
Thanks only to God and the angels he sent us that day.

Hope is renewed; God's family took us in
They didn't call us losers- they wanted us to win
We were given a home; we belong, found people who care.
We have a new family, God's family, found people who share.

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Thats Truely Brilliant.. Made Me Actually Nearly Shed A Tear! ! Really Gets To The Emotional Side Of A Human.. Amazing. Kind Regards. Alii x