Rejection's Temptation

Well there she was, the girl I loved,
With no one at her side.
She smiled and waived as I approached,
In shock, I then replied.

She said, 'I'm waiting here for you;
This is to be your day. '
I said, 'what has become of us
For us to meet this way? '

She said she really did not know
Or care to think at all.
As she had come to answer true
Her final conscience call.

I said I thought she would object
To being seen with me.
She said, 'Oh no, it's not that way,
Here's where I want to be.'

'Oh sure, ' I said, 'So you may say,
Am I to hear such lies?
I wished it so for oh so long,
I can't believe my eyes.'

'I guess I understand, ' she said,
As she began to cry.
'I'm learning now the pain of love
When there is no reply.'

I said, 'I'm sorry for your pain,
I've felt it once before.'
She said she'd hoped to be with me
This day and evermore.

I said, 'I shall not turn away,
Though tempting it would be.
To have you feel the pain I've known
Would bring no joy to me.'

'I hear, ' she said, ' your soothing words,
I feel much better now.
It seems that since you want me still,
My pain is gone somehow.'

'I know, ' I said, ' It's only there
When lovers close their heart
To those they know who want them so,
To keep them far apart.'

'I could not have you feel the pain
That I have felt so much.
Though I believe we all should know
Rejection's savage clutch.'

Then she placed her hand in mine,
I wiped her tears away,
She said she'd give what love remained
To me, on this, my day.

I can't explain what came to be
Or was that time with her,
A story such as this, when told,
Has endings we defer.

But this I know as pain and love
Are felt both near and far.
Rejection tempts its own base deeds,
No matter who you are.


Comments (23)

yes, this, I am sure, has happened to many ppl. I loved the flow and how your words are expressed. so touching and enlightening. fills my heart with sadness, but also with hope.
Finely penned. this is a perfect example of poetic discipline
I really enjoyed the back and forth between the central characters as well as the way it flowed. Great balance, great poem.
how true..........well penned..........
So feel empathy is the landmark of a decent human being. Another winner 10+++
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