(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Relapse Possible

She'd thought about it ever since.
The job was finished and she'd creamed
the reddended skin with Desitin.
It looked so strange! Perhaps exciting,
like nouveau neé, or baby bottom.

He was expected in one hour
and would be pleased, she was dead sure.
What followed was the wildest night,
as if a devil had been freed.
She wondered why she had not known
about those powers, locked away.

But bliss was not to stay much longer,
small bristles, followed by a rash,
had just appeared with painful purpose,
she had to seek the help of man.

The doc was young and spent his time
to thoroughly examine all.
He had the cure, applied it then
and warned that relapses occur
that would need treatment on the spot.

So, she decided to remain,
and wildest nights were on again.

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