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Related To Primates

Us humans are related to primates as like us colors they recognize
Between us and them there are more similarities than most realize
In the human as well as the animal World the struggle for survival goes on every day
Survival of the fittest as the wise one does say
We are different to other life forms in we know we are going to die
And that goes for the billionaire as well as you and i
That primates are our nearest living relatives happens to be true
And have good survival skills this is to give them their due
It is to them that we have just evolved in a different way
Though we like them are primates only fair to say
But death to them makes us equal is how it seems to me
But with such a statement many would surely disagree
To the primates we are related to many similarities we do share
Though unlike us some species of primate are becoming more rare.

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