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Relationship Analysis

Expression to you is difficult
I don't know why,
Ofter after our phone conversations,
I just sit and sigh. I wish I felt comfortable to seek your
advice about things,
However, I feel you like things off balance
and have me wonder "what did he mean?"
Your passion that you show me leaves me
breathless and craving for more,
As a faucet it goes to extreme from blistery
hot to frigid cold,
My confusion at times has me screaming
It's not worth the turmoil!
Your hands are so erotic, so strong in
their stroking of my skin,
They can only be matched by your lips
that soothe any anger I have and each
kiss whispers "You knew I would win."
As a canyon my feelings are deep
although I do not kid myself that
you feel that too,
After all, it's evident that to
ease your sadness that my presence
is not the clue.
So my down moods appear when I feel
that I may be setting myself up for a
fall, But I have to believe that everyone is
not to hurt me and you are worth this
rollercoaster free for all.

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