Relationship Of [my] Life

I'm in the relationship of [my] life.
What does she want? No one ever knows.
Well what do you want from this relationship with her?
I want a future with her, I could stay with her forever,
but she doesn't want to hear that, and frankly I don't have
the desire to say it any more, so I'm willing to bend in an effort
to save this. She wants to stay together but not to make any promises
She wants to do what she wants to do, and I love it.
If I can be there, great; If I can't, then whatever. If she's going to be
a, i can deal with it for the month of my lifetime. I just feel bad for her
now. I'm just tired and upset with this. I'm sending her a message now and just
relaxing and not thinking about it. Head down, thoughts low. My neck gets sore
but it's from leaning in to hear what she's got to say. Then you know it's worth it.

by Maxwell Ames

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