MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)


‘I love him – that’s why we’re together…’

‘I love her too – but sometimes
we drive each other up the wall…’

If your past, mate, were her past –
this person that you ofttimes love;

if her pain – which she does not
herself understand, yet feels;
(and always at the wrong time for you..):

if her self-awareness – sometimes
so sharp and so perceptive –
matched at every moment
your fluctuating, sometime
equally sharp, perceptive, own –

then, you would think and act
exactly as she does…

ah, there’s forgiveness;
there’s compassion; and there’s peace;

and then, there’s only - love;
there’s only love.

Love is always now;
and then, there’s only love.

(With acknowledgements to Eckhart Tolle…)

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How very spot on Michael. I see 'erudite' has already been mentioned...well, it's worth mentioning again! Hugs Anna xxx
Michael, you know how to sweeten the pot on this site, with your eruditious eloquence...simple, point-specific, but with all the essentials to label this another Shepherd gem! Very nicely done, my friend. FjR
Under the right light we can see anothers point of view, the trouble is that we all want the answers in the here and now, ..This is another heart opener Micheal Thankyou for sharing your art Love duncan X
Ah, but if it were not for love we would never know what it means to be miserable. For I am truly miserable without my love. Beautiful poem
Love - - now or then - - leaves us with things to write about, doesn't it. Love, and its opposite emotion, hate - - without them, where would we be? ? Wonderful poem, Michael, filled with understanding, and - - - love! !
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