Poem By Tamsin Wright

A broken mirror lies in pieces at my feet.
Reflecting the shattered heart within me.

As I think back on so many memories
of people I have cared for so deeply,
People who I have either drifted apart from,
Or people I have had wrenched from my life against my will.

'Love makes the world go round' while it lasts,
and then sends it plummeting to it's death
when it's taken away from you.

Nothing is forever.
No relationship is ever certain to last
and you can't rely on anyone to always be there.
Or you shouldn't if you don't want to be let down.
But then if you don't open your heart
or let people share your world
You can miss out on some wonderful and invaluable moments.

I guess you just have to trust in your heart
and value people while you have them.
Never taking anyone for granted,
because no matter how close you may seem
you don't own their friendship or love
And they can break away without a moments notice.
Gone forever.

Leaving us to mend the pieces they've left behind them
and to mourn the death of yet another broken and failed relationship.

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