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PM (31 march 1975 / india)


Poem By payal mathur

As we open our eyes to life’s dawn,
There are two hands in smiles and frowns,
Then there are our oldest friends with us,
In the form of our brothers and sisters.

When we reach our first school, there,
We find little friends who really care,
And for those of us lucky few,
They remain with us all life through.

Time change, people change and in these years,
There are those hands who wipe our tears,
Some touch and inspire us in such a way,
That they become a part of us and brighten the days.

We leave our homes one fine day,
To make a place for us in our own way,
There we meet those of all faiths and community,
Who help us in our search for identity.

There are people we just met along,
And feel we’ve known them life long.
And there are those we trusted all way,
At the opportune time they gave themselves away.

And one day out of the blues,
We find someone with true love too,
And with him comes so many ties,
That our life is full of laughter and cries.

Our life’s path has so many turns and twists,
That we brush into many relationships,
They make our life full of joys and pleasures,
And leave us with memories for years to treasure.

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The very same comment here too.. You are a master crafter of human emotions. Anyone would relate the best with this creation of yours. Hope 2 see u more Paayal!
a good write abount human relationships