Relationships, Divine Goodness & Joy

Enjoy relationships that allow you to feel
Love, trust, complete, and truly grateful.
Why waste time on the evil of heart,
Who never stop being selfish, and hateful.

Learn how to pick rewarding relationships
While avoiding the destruction of a lost soul.
Godly connections can be inspiring and teach,
When serving the needs of others remains our goal.

If we refuse to let God's love, truth and wisdom
Melt our insecurity and transform our heart.
We'll manipulate others in place of loving them
As from divine goodness and joy we part.

To honor the Lord and Christ, our Redeemer,
We need open eyes, full hearts and courage.
Which only God can give to all who believe
As we suffer loss, heartbreak, worry and discourage.

By God's Poet
Tom Zart
Most Published Poet
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by Tom Zart

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