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Relative Time
KK (09 Jan / Chennai)

Relative Time

Idle time is the toughest of all chastisement
Hard to spend, has an carnage effect
I see the clock, it moves at a snail’s pace
Time remains stagnant, the hands are at leisure
When I want the moment to get away fast
It remains sluggish, reluctant to budge

When the moment is congenial, it is a boon
So hard to lose, has a mesmerizing effect
But the time progresses rapidly as if a galloping horse
Both hands on a race, they compete each other
I try to clutch it, but it gets out of hand
It ends before I could even realize

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Rudyard Kipling


Comments (1)

lolz! ... isnt this the case with each one of us! ... many times i wish if i could freeze time 'when the moment is congenial'... nice write, Kavitha... Asma...