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Relax, Be Cool, My Dearest Brother!
(14-2-1957 / Tamilnadu, India)

Relax, Be Cool, My Dearest Brother!

You studied well
Throughout in school
And got your Diploma;
But duty first
Became your aim:
A job you had to join.

You went to work
When just a teen,
To help the family;
You labored hard
And earned degrees
In Evening-Colleges;

You ate mess-food
And shared a room
And sacrificed a lot;
You struggled much
’midst rivalry
And inched your life’s way up;

You prayed and sang
All night and day
And fought your temptations;
You wrote sad songs
And played guitar,
To vent your emotions;

You led a life
And walked in daddy’s path;
You suffered pangs
Of hunger, sex
Obeying parents/ Lord;

You walked to work
And back to home
To save a few rupees;
You helped others
Advising them,
Expecting no rewards;

You lived a life
Honest and just, righteous;
You washed your clothes
And ironed them
And marched so spick and span;

You polished shoes
With onions
And made them shine so much;
Your brassoed belt
And feathered-hat
Gave you a stately look;

Your days passed off
Away from home,
Away from family;
The years rolled by
With late marriage,
But God gave you a child.

You could not reach
The dizzy heights
In life or ev’n in dreams;
You could not use
Your talents great,
But led a humble life.

When now retired
Your problems irk
And threaten you ghost-like;
You shouldn’t give in
Or feel depressed
Or hopeless anytime;

The things you did
Were achievements,
Not all can ev’r perform;
Past successes
Should goad you forth
And make your future bright;

The God who stood
Always with you
Will guide you through travail;
Your days ahead
Will turn out well
Though problems could still come;

Remain cheerful
My brother dear,
You did so well till date;
Ignore the thoughts/
Fears, unreal:
Have trust in Jesus Christ;

The Holy Cross
Has borne our strife
And sins of all mankind;
No devils can
Ruin our soul
Or make our life wretched;

So, keep your calm
And forge ahead:
Miracles will happen;
The grace of God
Will usher peace
Of body, mind and soul.

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