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***release Into Peace***
KR (29/08/1988 / London, England)

***release Into Peace***

Poem By Kaspa Richards

I got people in my life who don’t know how bad I got it
Not that its there fault I don’t go on about it
Coz lets be honest at the end of the day
Speaking about it wont stop it wont take it away

I mean for the first time in years
My eyes nearly had tears
Not that anyone’s ears will hear my fears
No, there in my head using shears
Cutting me to pieces and anything I hold dear

And as I write this mere sliver I can feel my lip quiver
A sign I’m being too honest and its time for me to wither
My anxiety wants me to dither and quickly come hither
Constantly trying to cross me but I’m too strong of a river

Well a powerful stream at least to some a ferocious beast
North south west and east s*** arrives never calling a cease
I ask myself over and over, when will I find my peace?
So what I use as my release don’t concern you I've heard the speech

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It takes inner strength and courage to survive all of life's slings and arrows.Have faith and take each day one at a time.I meditate when everything gets out of kilter...and give myself a big hug when I'm starting to get depressed.