Release My Mind

Poem By Stephanie van Oudtshoorn

I wish you would leave
let my body be at peace
Release my mind!
from its caged existance

Your only purpose is to torment
playing with my mind
pushing the boundries
and trying the sanity

You have no logic
or systematic approach
attacking the light
held within a soul

Your name is darkness
Your purpose is terrible
You release no mind
And wish to encage all

Comments about Release My Mind

your name is darkness says it all......beautiful, powerful, clear poem.
Great poem and I enjoy how you said it with passion. Somehow, I don't know maybe this poem can be talking about being a captive and wanting to be free from someone's hand! Sincerely, Aaron Rigodon
Very nice Stephanie. I'm enjoying your work very nice. sincerely, Mary
Your mind can never get that release.Real good work Regards Thomas

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4,8 out of 5
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