Release Yourself, Feel Life

Each breath, each mistake, each move, each emotion, makes a difference
Every action evokes emotion
Prayer without devotion is like an unmoving stone wall
So, under the starry sky join your hands and pray, pray to believe, to trust, and to accept
Shut your eye and drown into yourself,
Listen to your soul, raving for the satisfaction of living
Look straight into eyes, the innocence will attract a connection with someone
Speak the unsaid, release yourself,
Be worldly but unworldly at the same time
Confused? This confusion would never stop…confusion is just a part to cure yourself
Listen to you head and not always to your heart
You’ll find life so simple and breathable

by shruti modi

Comments (9)

Sometimes its really nice to release all your feelings and leave all the things for heaven sake and feel free by searching and feeling the life..........very solid poem indeed......10/10 Best Wishes Sameer
This is really beautiful. So wonderful and simple.
age is no binding if you are really living not just existing witnessed this in ur poem!
This is my favorite one of your poems. Its like a window into your heart. Beautiful, very beautiful. =D ~Ary
'Confused? This confusion would never stop…confusion is just a part to cure yourself' I like this line, i find it true It shows the real you.
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