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Poem By Amanda Lukas

Depression strikes!
No love remains.
I've tried, I've tried.
Again, I've tried in vain.

Dear sweet passion,
Please release me from your grips.
Let me live again.
Lord, I'm asking,
Take his name off of my lips.
From the thought, please do allow refrain.

Tender kisses,
Erase now from my mind.
Grant my wishes.
Let my heart again be mine

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Comments (4)

There! I fixed it.
I like the pun (or misspelling?) of 'vain' as 'vein'. It works in a depression poem. -chuck
Oh, the struggle of love and passion! How painful it can be, but don't dwell too long, as Lawrence said, 'it will fade'. Another really good poem Amanda. I am impressed. Regards, Seán
LOVE? It stains the heart for a time. However, do not use Clorox to try to remove leftover remnants. They fade away eventually and those lips will find a suitable match. Nice poem, Amanda. L