LR (7/22/89 / Rochester NY)

Relentless Noise

I just got home
And I‘m sick of this.
Your non-stop bitching,
man, I’m tired of this shit.

I walk in the door,
it’s like I tripped an alarm.
An alarm that sets fire to the nation,
there’s no hope even if I had a charm.

Nothing I do ever pleases you.
The all knowing, all seeing.
All I am or ever will be,
is just a disease to your being.

A thorn in your side,
I’ll gimmy myself loose.
I’ll put me out of your misery,
and into my noose.

Yet still I doubt,
that’d appease your wrath.
You’d tear up my fresh grave,
and re-enact my bloodbath.

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WOW... one of the greatest poems i have read today and unforgotable to be. nice one her Logan. ***KoNi***