Reliable Are The Rumors Heard

As long as disrespect is accepted,
With a reflecting of all aspects...
Of an entitled life,
In which divisions are projected...
To protect a doing what one chooses,
And does what one likes...
A lack of discipline by children defended,
Who are daily bombarded to target...
With a marketing of decadence,
A society hypnotized by hypocrisy...
Will always be left bewildered,
When truth is refused to face and examine.
And faith based in delusion is all over the place.
While honesty offends and is immediately chased away.

The children are rude.
And adults are negligent.
Few are viewed to be accountable,
Or held responsible for their misdeeds.
But yet...
Kept reliable are the rumors heard,
Of outsiders making threats...
To upset valued standards upheld with interest.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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