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Religion (13) (Jesus's Life)

Christmas is Jesus's birthday
a time to remember His Way.
In Christmas merry mood,
a time to remember His Truth.
When we know Jesus's life
we would remember how He sacrificed,
by being born as a human
in a very cold winter,
not in a warm, soft cradle
but in a dirty wooden manger.
He worked as a carpenter.
He was tempted by the devil.
Though He performed many miracles.
He was mocked and ridiculed.
He was betrayed by a traitor.
He was spitted and tortured.
On the cross, He died a painful death.
On the 3 rd day, He finally did resurrect.
He is now waiting in heaven for us.
To meet Him, we need an entry pass
which is 'repent and love '
and faith in His Divinity
and life of eternity.

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