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Religion (14) (A Sweet Fasting)

During the lent period
a fasting I observed
skipping a lunch
not taking a munch
made me feel hunger pang
which made me think of thousands
of African children
poor, skinny and famine-stricken
Their eyes sunken, hazy and dry,
crawling with were many flies,
too weak to whisk them away,
to whimper they were too frail
their ribs so prominent,
their belly so protuberant,
their limbs liked a sparrow leg,
their survival mocked by Death,
their stomach so empty and hollow
that they had no hope for tomorrow.
With empathy my heart overflowed.
I prayed to GOD they be bestowed
with food and mercy
so that they felt no more hungry.
I thanked Him for my life so abundant
and giving me a sweet fasting experience.
I now know how to share
with people so poor and in hunger.

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This is such a sad but truthful write about the realities that are happening in our world. A very moving and emotion filled write.
food and mercy, necessary for good living, I like it, thanks. Please read my poems and comment.