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Religion (2) (Abraham And Sarah Were The Record Holders) .

Mrs B was a spanish woman.
She gave birth to a twin at age 66 years,
becoming one of world's oldest mother.
It was done by in vitro fertilization treatment.
It cost her 59,000 dollars in payment.

There was a 70-year-old Indian woman,
married to a 77-year-old husband.
She gave birth to a twin...a girl and a boy,
bringing them a great happiness and joy.
He sold some property,
to raise money,
for fertilization in vitro,
because they were so old.

Abraham and Sarah were Biblical figures,
living together as a loving couple.
He was so old...100 years
She was also very old..90 years.
She gave birth to a son,
without in vitro fertilization done.
It didn't cost them a penny,
they were so much happy.

It was done by God power,
A miracle full of wonder.
Abraham and Sarah were the real record holder.
God was a big player.

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