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Religion (3) (My Sunday Mass Was Spoiled)

On Sunday, until noon I usually slept.
Last Sunday, I woke up early to go to church.
About 20 years ago I went to Mass
which was my last.
During that time I was a lost sheep,
doing drug, sex and sleep,
dancing with devil
to the tune of Satan's evil.
I repented with a contrite heart,
asking for God's love.
As I prayed with eyes closed,
a strong, thick perfume scent tickled my nose.
I opened my eyes and saw in front a sexy girl,
near to bottom, her blonde back bare.
Her pant so tight and snug,
arousing my dormant lust.
To sexual fantasy my mind drifted.
My gaze at her had not shifted.
I didn't hear what the priest preached
until the end of Mass was reached.
I knew it was wrong
but the temptation was so strong.
Every female church-goer should wear clothes of decency.
Hearing Mass is not like a beach party.
My Sunday Mass was spoiled
I was a sinner I couldn't deny.

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