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Religion (6) (Mother Teresa Is Like A Giant Tall Tree)

Her thinking was very high,
Like a clear blue sky,
Almost reaching to heaven,
Where angels sing sweet and tender.
Her mind was as white as fluffy cloud,
Miles away from the polluted foggy shroud.
Her humbleness was very low,
Not an iota of arrogance would she show.

Her heart was so soft,
Like a thoroughly ploughed soil,
In which grew many crops,
As the fruit of farmer's toil.

Her speech was so sweet,
Like the best honey indeed.
Like the fresh fruit just reaped,
So nourishing when you eat.

Her manner was so warm,
Like the sun-ray of the dawn,
Melting away the snow flakes on roof-top,
Driving away the cold of dew-drop.

Her breath was so tender,
Her sigh was so gentle,
The air blowing like a summer breeze,
Onto the heart lying underneath.

Her tears were so easy to shed,
After seeing the things very sad,
Like a drizzling rain on her chest,
Causing her heart very wet.

GOD knew her heart was a perfect land,
So fertile and never was a barren.
In it, He had a seed of LOVE sowed.

Slowly and steadily it did grow,
Worms, wasps and weeds surrounded though.
From a tiny seed it became a sprout,
From a sprout to a plant with its stout.
From a plant to a big trunk and leafy branch,
Swaying in the wind with its dance,
It blossoms the flowers of compassion,
Its fragrance so refreshing,
It bears the fruit of peace,
It consoles the troubled mind at ease,
It is shared to those in need.
Whosoever worried and weary wants a break,
He can go under its leafy shade.
Whosoever thirsty of caring,
He can drink the nectar of affection.
Whosoever hungry for food for soul,
He will never be refused with a 'no'.
Where many Bible stories will be told.
They will give him a morale boost,
And elevation from depressed mood,
Like enriching by the chicken soup.
Among playing, laughing, giggling and praying of children,
They will make his life so brighten.
The giant, tall tree gives ten thousands of birds a shelter,
Protecting them from the stormy and bad weather.
'Missionary Of Charities' is its name,
From generation to generation, it will be the same,
It will never wane.

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Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken

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What a wonderful tribute to a great lady who was truly a Saint! I loved everything about her and have her book A Simple Path. A beautiful lady who said, 'I'm just a pencil in God's hands.' She is in a wonderful place now but earth loses because she is gone. Or is she? A '10! ' Best Wishes, Marilyn