The Gangsters Moll

She floats by in her red gown
In the arms of the gangster all around the town
With the underworld she is having a ball
With the Mafia standing tall
They use her as the honey trap
In her arms she will rich men trap
Her quivering lips her swilling hips are the bait
Without knowing it she is set up for the date
She dances and parties with her victims
Inebriating them with wine and coke
Then she slowly lets them poke
She chats up her victims with words of comfort
As openly with them she flirts
Luring them into a trap
Slowly each one of them will fall
Then her gangster friends take charge
Looting and killing her victims by night
They will give them on hell of a fright
And when the gory deed is done
They will throw their victims over a cliff
Without anyone getting a whiff
They then share the spoils of the loot
Giving the victim's families the boot
So beware of them all
Especially the gangsters mall

by Anuj Tikku

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