Religion: An Important Question To Allow In Modern State!

Institutional religion should be terminated by the state
to promote individual religious faith

constitution and obligatory mandates
imposed by the religious institutions
many times consider people as their slave
just to carry the orders by the name of Almighty

individual belief always finds transition
by making relation with God
through the path of love and compassion
eager to enjoy the divine bliss with submission
whereas institutions committed to impreach
imperialistic superiority

different religious constitution
ornamented with the options
to infiltrate mesmerising attitude
towards fighting, war and invasion
to conquer and domination

individual belief never admit war by the name of Almighty
except the self suffering to penetrate
another world of grace and celestial serenity

state should terminate all the institution
providing opportunity
to the civilisation to stand on feet
for another thousands of year to keep exist
civilisation known as human civilisation!

Pranab k c

by Pranab K. Chakraborty

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A real message is your well composed poem.....
All Religions Fall? All religions fall due to the idleness imperfections of the individuals within them all attained traction once prospered due to inherent strengths charismatic abilities infusing original founders ardent early followers all religions fail will fall if when greed envy corruption taint source purity of inspired original gifts given insights miracles perhaps the obvious lesson is we are inspired supposed to living incarnated lead with individual exemplified ability not follow with hypocrisy Copyright © Terence George Craddock Inspired by the poem 'Religion: An Important Question To Allow In Modern State! ' by Pranab K. Chakraborty. Dedicated to the poet Pranab K. Chakraborty.
All religions fall due to the idleness imperfections of the individuals within them, all that attained traction once prospered due to the strengths charismatic abilities of original founders and early followers, perhaps the lesson is we are supposed to lead with ability not follow with hypocrisy.
It's a thoughtful poem, I agree with you.
There is one Supreme Creator who has created the whole universe.Different people call this Creator in different names..Humanism and kindness is the basic principle of almost all religions.Institutional religions very often deviate from the basic principle and become cause for the growth ok division and, hatred..A timely question for all of us to ponder.
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