(1926 / Prescott, Arizona)

Religion Personified

Just lost a so called friend because of my lack of this crap,
She started it off with ridiculous stuff on email flap,
And of course i let her know how i felt about that,
Which brought anger like an alley cat.

With her closed mind she would ignore any fact,
And cling to the superstitious live forever act,
That fly's in the face of any common sense,
And if challenged became very tense.

How can the parasitic charlatan preachers,
Face their congregation in the bleachers,
Knowing how they are being taken,
By lies that keep them shaken.

The religious nut will ignore all of science and research,
To hang on to their perilous belief on which they perch,
Such is the nature of the brain washing they have had,
And that to me is so very sad.

They will never have another free thought,
Because of the religious nonsense they bought,
Given by parents throughout time,
For which their children can dine.

What they have done to their children is such a shame,
But they must give them someone they can blame, i
f things do not go right because of their ignorance,
Then their deity to blame is their stance.

This stupidity cannot be removed it seems,
it makes their minds loose at the seams,
To consider they have been deceived,
By those whom they believed!

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