Religious Beliefs To Keep

Religious beliefs to keep.
And followed faithfully.
Are they any different,
Than one who pledges to a fraternity?
Or a sorority?
To become hazed as part of the orientation.
Before acceptance is approved.
And all invited witness the baptism.

These days anyone with a different belief,
Seeking more meaning that connects 'spiritually'...
Are often made to feel they are forced,
To admit they are 'atheist'...
When their beliefs are divoced but yet kept,
Pledged to an unknown they can not see either.
But neither are their pretentions made to contradict,
That which is written in scriptures to follow...
Can anyone declared to say them to be hypocrites.

'Your depiction is more politically based.'

That may be true.
But 'my' faith kept as it is,
I will never allow to be debated.
Or measured from the right or left.
To qualify the acceptance or existence of it.
Since I know 'this' to be certain,
Images to symbolize have yet to prove...
Differences in appearances,
Choices to make with taste to like or dislike...
Neither you or I created.

But what about 'our' ancestors? '

Or mine?
Or the others?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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