Religious Beliefs

I 'think' I heard what you said.
I am in total disbelief.
WHY were you fired?

* A visiting parent,
Walking pass my classroom...
Overheard me say, 'God bless you.'
After one of my students I taught sneezed.

The parent,
Who is an atheist...
Reported this to the Board of Education.
And told them I was enforcing my religious beliefs,
On young and impressionable elementary school students.*

You are not upset?

*Not at all.
I did go to Houston, Texas
To enroll in their astronaut program!
I've got to train to leave this planet.
Even if,
It is just for a few days.*

That's absolutely crazy.

*You can say that again!
I thought anyone could sign up.
But apparently a military background is preferred.
Two years in the Cub scouts wont cut it.
And I didn't know that.*

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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