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Religious Deceiver

I knew a Priest a devout man and he seemed free of taint
And those who thought they knew him well said he was a living saint
A charming and a religious man unstained by vile deceit
And as near to perfect human being as one could wish to meet.

Unstained by greed or jealousy or pride or self conceit,
A humble and God loving man and a gentleman complete,
He seemed to live by God's book and practice self control
And all of these traits together go to make the perfect soul.

On sundays from the pulpit he preaches to his flock
And the evil that corrupt mankind he criticize and knock,
He condemns the adulterers and the perverts and the crooks
And he blame declining morals on pornographic foreign books.

And his attentive and admiring audience believe him when he say
That if they want God on their side to him they've got to pray
And if they practice self denial and work at keeping pure
Of a place with God in Paradise they are almost next to sure.

But is there such a thing as a perfect man in each man lurks the beast
And of late he's left himself down this over rated priest,
Two young lads spied him the other day midst the tall meadow grass
Having sexual intercourse with a young and sexy lass.

I know of a priest a middle aged priest who has flattered to deceive
And he is not what he has made us all out to believe
The man they called the living saint of late from grace did fall
And now he's looked on as the greatest hypocrite of them all.

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