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Religious Jon & Political Pimps
JD ( / Danbury, Connecticut)

Religious Jon & Political Pimps

The only reason you’re allowed some power
The hidden agenda knows you will shower
Your own people at some hour
With hatred and disrespect while you cower

The Black Savior is master of fate
The community did not anticipate
More bondage and slavery—why not emancipate
Keep a lid on the community—keep yo people straight

Keep them ignorant and confused
Make them feel obligated justifying being abused
Steal their hearts-souls-minds—then want to be excused
Heart broken—trust betrayed and blatantly misused

Humiliated by your own kind
The blind leading the blind
Stop progress keep them behind the times
While your pockets get lined—lined—lined

No remorse of course—it’s the people’s fault
They won’t vote they deserve this assault
Personal pain and anger is your being –your vault

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