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Religious Poets Of All Nations

Religious poets of all Nations why do you sing of a God
Who favours the wealthy and famous and who ignores the poor and the downtrod
Who ignores the cries of the hungry and leave them for to slowly die
In the parched Lands of the desert where the sun burns in the sky.

Religious poets of all Nations you sing of God and his son
You believe your's is the true God that all others worship the false one
Which means your God favours your people only such a God does sound selfish to me
Your God cannot be that caring when millions live in poverty.

Religious poets of all Nations you ignore war refugees
And people of hunger and thirst dying in a Land barren of trees
They live amongst the unburied to their God for mercy they pray
In the warm sun of the tropics the smell of death and decay.

Religious poets of all Nations in your own ways you mean well
But spare a few thoughts in your verses for those who are in Earthly Hell
For those whose God chooses to ignore them of thirst and hunger they die
In a drought and war ravaged Country under the merciless sky.

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