Religiously Based Political Theater

Religiously based political theater.
And the relationship,
Politics and religion both today have...
Difficult to distinguish which,
Is more effectively separating...
From faithful beliefs to be of service.
To all humanity.
Where is it?
How is it these days recognized to be applied?
Through division and conflict?
Spewed from podiums and pulpits?
Identifying racism and hatred?
Presented to represent the ways of demons?
And more applauded by those,
Hypnotized by evil.
As if feeding to fulfill needs,
To listen and hear discrimination preached.

Religiously based political theater.
Has become the canvas,
To darken not enlighten minds.
With a wilful ignorance to redefine,
GOD as a weapon.
And not GOD, The Divine.
All loving and forgiving.
And of service to us all.
Who should know,
From where their blessings flow.
But wish to prove,
A taste for destruction...
Is more enjoyable than life to live.
Ignoring the signs,
To prevent their own demise.
Yet a few.
And only just a few,
Have decided they are more wise...
Than The Creator.
Who remains tolerant.
No one can predict,
How long God's tolerance...
For ignorance will continue to exist.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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