Religiously Intolerant

Some people say that I am religiously intolerant and narrow minded,
This will change when Jesus comes and they all become hind sighted.

Although they too have eyes they have been blinded and can not see,
The narrow truth of God's only Gospel, so that they too can believe.

Christ said “I am the way and the truth and the life”, it wasn't me,
Jesus then continued “No one comes to the Father except through me”.

I am intolerant however of falsehood peddled in the name of religion,
While these teachers allow their followers to carry on a life of sin.

And I'm not alone and it's not religion, but Jesus Christ is my lead,
As I read about how Christ dealt with those who caused Him to bleed.

For their religious zeal without knowledge, a future darkness looms,
As Christ rebuked their hypocrisy by calling them whitewashed tombs.

For Christ being the very nature of Eternal God from the very start,
Could see through their external lies right into their wicked hearts.

And because of their unbelief and their arrogant religious overtones,
That Jesus told all the Pharisees they were full of dead men's bones.

For Christ knew it was by His own people that He would be rejected,
But, there were many who believed and by Christ they were accepted.

And on the cross as He said forgive them, they know not what they do,
God's Grace and Salvation was opened up to Gentiles like me and you.

(Copyright © 01/2003)

by Bob Gotti

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