Remain To Stay (Placated)

Wanting change.
And the benefits of it,
To be presented without effort.
Or taking steps,
With that process made...
Needed with patience,
To appreciate change.
None is made.
But kept fresh are protests.
As time quickly passes by.

And remain they stay,
With the same questions.
From decades to have passed.
But still they ask 'why? '
Each step requires...
Lessons to learn.
Then to comprehend...
That nothing to understand,
To accept as understood...
Begins to never end,
Changes to expect to come.
Yet some...
With change around them done,
Are the ones who choose...
To refuse what they hear.
Or with eyes to see,
Whatever is disbelieved...
Is more credible,
Than the needless questions...
Their minds will not grasp.
No matter who is asked.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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