when all that remains:
the day-washed sky;
the royal sea,
then the wind shall throat
such songs
as stream-bottom amber sings
and god-robed
butterflies on whitewashed

distant laughter
or tears for the undiscovered

once upon a time
innocence knew
but we have killed it
confusing it with messengers
and clowns.

another angel falls
another ending folds in on itself
and disappears like the response
to fire and water; each
star is the condensation
of a million histories repeated.
again the writing on the wall
misread with mouths gaping
as gas chambers.

he is notable
for his absence.


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Fantastic imagery has inked this awesome poem. Congrts for the same as also on poem of the Day.
Awesome poem, well written I like it.
Lonely poem..Congratulations Once upon a time innocence knew but we have killed it..I like this line
Such an interesting poem.. congrats on being chosen.. Rated 10+++++ You may visit my HEARTACHES WILL NEVER LAST, BATHE YOUR HEART, and BECAUSE I LOVE HER. Thanks, Gordon👍
The absence of all that is innocent and beautiful. Your poem is profound. Full of vivid imagery. Very philosophical. Sad and tragic. Yet inspiring. It has inspired me to write a new poem called Absence. Thank you for the inspiration.
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