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Remarkable Photograph
FA (05.12.1936 / Pulaski, TN)

Remarkable Photograph

Poem By Frank Avon

The church on a rock
looks like
a lighthouse
an ark:

the setting sun
the starry sky
a pillar of cloud
stony ground like ocean waves.

One stands in awe.
One worships from afar.
What we see
is what we are.

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Comments (3)

Remarkable photograph = remarkable poem. I feel humbled in the presence of such sincerity - including the photographer and the poet and whatever spiritual presences hover in the world-space of the church. Your metaphors - lighthouse, ark - are perfect. And the last stanza is breathtaking. It is a summons to the heart and mind to stop their restless activity - time for that later - now is the time for calmly saying whatever prayerful thought comes to mind. As my Irish friend Marie says, Blessings for all.
An excellent poem full of heart and character, with biblical-seeming imagery (pillar, church on a rock, ark) that conveys a grandiosity, a timelessness to the events in the poem. My favorite line has to be stony ground like ocean waves. I have often thought and imagined that, bluish gravel resembling snapshots of waves in the midst of turmoil. I really do enjoy that image and want to thank you for this gem of a poem.
Outstanding. A remarkably beautiful poem that inspires me as well. Thank you.