Of The Nameless Glades

Now I am not here
But the carnivorous rose
Eats my skin,
As sometimes in the middle of the day
I ejaculate in the bathroom
Thinking for a long time of stewardesses
In the clouds,
And building for them gardens:
But for now you sleep again with your
Husband as if in a crypt:
You sleep with him
And your lights go out into the hemispheres
Of abandoned amusement
And I pray for you- as you touch him
And the airplanes kiss and disappear into the
I know that very soon you will forget me,
But for now the Gulf Stream still
Makes love to hurricanes-
As the long beaked herons still somehow kiss
And make love
Strutting haughtily over the cenotaphs of the forgotten
Conquistadors freckling in the impenetrable heart
Of the nameless glades.

by Robert Rorabeck

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