A Poem My G/F Wrote To Me

I love you Griffin more then you'll ever know Ill hold you tight and never let go You make me smile all the time even when you try to rhyme I love you more then my own life, it's true Kiss me baby under the sky shaded blue When we first met, you stole my heart I cry everyday when we're apart I want you to know it's ok when you feel stress Just think of the day when are bodys will forcingly press I'ts also ok when you don't talk to me but rather study for a test Because that shows me that your trying your best keeping me happy is were you don't slack I can't wait for the day you get back Your hugs and kisses I always crave Your the best boyfriend and totaly my fave Griffin is the reason for my bright shine I couldn't be more happier to call him mine When I talk to you my heart begins to race In your arms is my all time favorite place I want to lay next to you every night Because Angel Rayne Mahan just sounds so right Baby you are the most amazing guy i've ever met Im marrying you one day and that's a sure bet I'll love you till the day I die and be there when your laugh or cry
10/05/08 was the greatest day i've ever had boy ohh boy you make me glad From lunch with a crazy waiter to walks on the beach It's falling madly in love, to the world we teach Forever yours my sexy fiance Just a little more time till are wedding day Thanks for your poem it was very sweet I couldn't help but write you one too, conscider it my treat.

I love you Griffin Mahan <3

by Griffin Mahan

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