Remember the song, 'I'll Never Fall In Love Again'?
How about a Jerry Lewis film in which his character says,
'Love is more deadly than all the bombs in the world...'?
How about Scrooge who lost in love and watched his soul die?
How about that person called YOU? Ever lost in the game of love?
As the song says, 'Only the lonely know the way I feel tonight! '
But if losing happened only once then it wouldn't hurt so much.
Losing repeatedly makes you want to get better at love...
You want to be a winner. So you start to learn the rules.
The rules dictate that you must walk love's tightropes...
You learn to hold your tongue rather than create waves...
You learn not to rock the boat that can capsize your latest love.
You learn to become a liar, a compromiser, maybe even a love cheat.
As the song says, 'Love changes everything...' Life proves that.
Who among us wouldn't sell our souls to change time itself?
Therefore, beware 'The Power of Love'. It's stronger than you.
It's without mercy. You either compromise or you lose... again...
Just keep your shield held high to protect your heart...
Don't look into another person's eyes. Eyes can hypnotise you...
Don't shake hands, don't hold hands, don't reach out to anybody.
Bodies lead to desires, hopes and dreams and other tricks of love.
Keep yourself to yourself. Don't watch television or films.
Let the years roll by without incident. Save money!
No Valentine's cards, no birthday or Christmas presents.
No arguments, tiffs, mood swings, no words you shouldn't have said.
You know, like, 'I really do care about you! ' or 'I love you! '
And never the dreaded and irreversible 'Will you marry me! ? '
Oh, no, that's just plain daft! Too crazy for words! The big NO-NO!
Just remember the song, 'I'll Never Fall In Love Again'...
Memorise it! Every 'single' word of wisdom! Treasure it... alone...

by Denis Martindale

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