i remember when i saw you,
in your swinging slow gait
that left you seemingly floating.
oh! how my heart leapt a beat.
i remember the first time we talked,
that night planned by ghosts
oh! how irresolute you were,
i remember my poetic insistance;
my sweet twisting old lies
which you drunk and gurgled.
i remember the deep crawling feeling,
that was grandually growing
and merged us as one.
i remember how we shared our vows,
the man in white called it eternity.
i remember the music for the soul,
on the yard watching the dusk,
how we walked in silence
with a full moon and stars staring.
i remember how it feels to love.

by Antonio Williams

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Deep crawling feeling! ! Thanks for sharing.
my heart leapt a beat., well write, thank you for sharing the poem with us