CM ( / London)


Stop the gears of your mind
Rewind with me back in time;
Relive that moment held so dear
Where your joy brought forth tears.
Where love was tangible and in reach.
When every moment with me left you no speech.

That one-on-one relationship
That side-by-side companionship.
Where we stood face-to-face.
And My presence filled this place.
In My warm embrace you would hide
In My love and kindness; confide.

That sweet fragrance
That diffused all self-importance
That longing desire
To go even higher.
In my presence was peace
The music of my love would not cease.

That amazing hold?
Now my hand is left cold.
No one to cling to.
No one else, I only want YOU!
I want to regain it all.
For you to hear me when I call!

I want you to Remember!

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