LDS (April 25,1986 / Grant Hospital Columbus, Ohio)


As time goes by sometimes the memory can fade away.
Even the good ones, the ones that mean something.
If by chance your memory begins to fade away, please don't forget me.
Remember the great times we had together.
Remember the great deal of respect that I have for you.
I know that I really don't show it, but I really do care for you.
I want nothing more but for you to be happy.
I hope that you never forget the times that you held me close to you.
Remember the love we shared with eachother.
Remember that no matter what somewhere down deep inside of me I will always love you.
I know that I messed up.
I had my chance and threw it away.
I am truly sorry for everything that I did to hurt you.
I never meant to hurt you.
I will always be there for you when you need me, that is if you will let me.
I will never turn my back on you.
I will always stand beside you, even if you are in the wrong.
That is if you will have me.
Please remember me and the special times we shared.
Please remember.

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