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Remember, Body...
(29 April 1863 – 29 April 1933 / Alexandria)

Remember, Body...

Poem By Constantine P. Cavafy

Body, remember not only how much you were loved,
not only the beds on which you lay,
but also those desires which for you
plainly glowed in the eyes,
and trembled in the voice -- and some
chance obstacle made them futile.
Now that all belongs to the past,
it is almost as if you had yielded
to those desires too -- remember,
how they glowed, in the eyes looking at you;
how they trembled in the voice, for you, remember, body.

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Desire past and unfulfilled- and so doubly piquant. Suggests such desire may have as reverberant an outcome as desire fulfilled. At least, it asks everyone to consider the possibility. An interesting- and specifically human meditation. No other animal can meditate desire denied. MM. Elegant translation. Deserves far more than a 5.7. MM