WK (March 22,1957 / Metaire, LA)

Remember (For My Children)

(To my Children)
Remember always, that I love you.
Remember, You only have to ask.
I will do anything within my power to make this time less painful.
Remember that some things are not within my power.
I am human.
Remember that I love your mother.
I care what happens to her.
Remember that your mother is worthy of your love.
She is good.
Remember that my first obligation is to the family.
The needs of the whole will be met.
Remember the life skills we have taught you.
You have the power of inner peace within you.
Remember the good times.
There were a lot of them. (Just look at the photos)
There will continue to be.
Forgive us both for the bad times.
Let them go and they can't hurt you.
Time heals faster when you let go of anger.
Peace is contagious.
Choose it.

(C) 1/15/1998

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Beautiful and powerful words of wisdom to pass on to your children Walter...great write 10
words you passed to your children, to remember you by, the memories you made, they will cherish, till the end of time, no money can ever buy, your children will honor your memory, you truly worth this much....