Remember Her...

Poem By Phatheka 'Sweet Blaq Rose' Azania

When i no longer remember me will you remember 2 remember when the world has scribbled scars upon mine face that cut deep inside my soulless soul used and crushed my dreams before my own eyes and then threw me like trash will you remember to remember a girl driven to desparations by pains and poverties beyond me stripping me off my dignity till i lose my own sanity till my mind i cannot think my heart i can no longer feel a beggar begging the world for my survival will you remember to remember when the world no longer remembers me buried my soul amongst the soil and dust when im like dirt under the soles of your feet Mama will you remember to remember your baby when i no longer remember that little girl trapped in her shadows and have long forgotten my ways back home when with every breath i take i shake and crumble back to the ground that gave birth to me embraced me and sang me lullabies to comfort me and wipe away the tears in my eyes as i catch a glimpse of my shattered face tears pouring down and i no longer remember will you remember to remember remember her

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Dear Father

Will you...
Forgive me my Father
The wrongs we have thus done to ur sons and daughters
Who walk without fathers and mothers