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Remember, I Am

When all their backs have been turned
When all your bridges have burned
When you forget to teach and learn

When all your tears fall down your face
When all your smiles go to waste
When your heart does no longer race

Remember, I AM

When you can't remember where you're from
When you've forgotten about true love
When you don't know which way is up

When you can't seem to understand
When you find you can't trust a man
When your foundation is made of sand

Remember, I AM

Remember I AM and I always will BE
Remember there is none like Me
Believe in what you cannot see?
Believe. Believe. Believe in Me.

Remember I AM when you don't know who you are
Remember I AM when someone breaks your heart
Remember I AM when you're torn all apart
Remember, I AM when you don't know where to start

When all your dreams turn to nothing
When your mouth forgets to sing
And when your phone no longer rings

When it seems no one does care
When you find no one is there
When you don't feel all that rare

Remember, I AM

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This is mad i'm adding it to my favourites