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Remember Me

Remember me as the warm feeling
that comes from glowing fires,
And the joyous sound of laughter
Or as a smile that never tires.
Remember me as the brightest star
That shines at night in the dark,
And as the early dawn song
That is sung by the morning lark.
Remember me as the soft snow
That glistens in the winter sun,
And as the summer flowers
As they blossom one by one.
Remember me as the rivers
That flow down towards the seas,
Or as the gentle moving branches
That are swaying in the breeze.
Remember me as the morning mist
That lays silent over the land,
And as the sea as it ripples
Gently over the sand.
Remember me as soft music
Or the flickering of candle light,
And as the daily setting sun
That turns each day to night.
Remember me a little each day
And dont think of me as vain,
Remember me as everythin beautiful
Until we meet again.

by Teresa Hyslop

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Teresa this is a beautiful poem. I lost a friend in Afghanistan and didnt know what to say to his Mum or to pass onto her, and now I have it. Thank you xx
Extraordinary poem, Teresa - well done!