Remember Me

I stood by you, I never left your side,
I loaned you my sweat, my tears, my body,
I held your hand in bondage, My colored skin,
It helped you keep your pride.
I helped you fight your battles, I loaned you my heart.
I gave you everything, that the white man did not take away
From me. Yet, it is so easy for you to betray me
I even gave you life, still you have forsaken me.
Why is it, you don't remember who I am?
Am I not your pride anymore, has my dark skinned shamed you so?
Shamed you so that you can no longer love who I am,
Or who I've become. I'm your sister, why are you not my brother
Why not love me enough to show me, that all our togetherness
will be cherished. Our hearts are as one, Oh yes, I know you.
Why is it you don't remember who I am?
When you look in the mirror, and can't figure out, who you might
be, you will see a real Black Woman, The one you can so
easily betray, and take for granted.
Then and only then, will you be able to recognize and forever
Remember me. My name is, Your Real Black Woman.

by Celeste M. Crenshaw

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