Remember Please Always

Your glance your smile, your soft clear eyes,
They pierce my world, my heart, my sides,
Longing your soft and healing way,
My love, in vain, will not go away.

You've changed my life, what will I do,
Some days I think of, nothing but you,
You fill my mind, my prayers, my days,
With your loving and tender ways.

I wish only to fill your desires,
Render me please to fill these inquires,
I don't want to appear obtuse,
By trying to remove this worlds abuse.

Help me accomplish all of your needs,
I can satisfy much more in deeds,
I'll work so hard and not implore you,
But you must allow for me to adore you.

Your love for me to win one day,
For this I've always longed and prayed,
Remember please always, for you there will be,
That special place, in my heart for thee.

by Daniel Lloyd Kennedy

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